Heart Monster.

Final Show Spring 2007

Final Show Spring 2007

Heart Monster. One of my favorite ridiculously underrated South Carolina bands. This band gets frequent spins on Police and Thieves.

At any college radio station in America dozens of packages arrive in the mail every day. In these packages are cheesy one page descriptions comparing usually mediocre unknown bands to totally badass well-known bands. Lately, with any band that has a drummer and a couple of guitar players, the write up reads “sounds like Fugazi”. Now, of course these bands never sound like Fugazi. More importantly, they hardly ever embrace any of the political ideals that made Fugazi amazing. The lyrics are heavy on the esoteric and even heavier on the “who gives a fuck about your ex girlfriend”.

And then there’s Heart Monster. While involved with WUSC, I caught a couple of free shows that Heart Monster played, one of them a benefit for WUSC. Booking benefit shows for WUSC was always a real pain in the ass because you had to deal with collegeboy egos on a grand scale, but these guys weren’t like that. We hardly knew them and they agreed to travel over an hour to play a free show for the radio station. And they brought free eps for the audience. The music was so good you expected to have to overlook a lot of bullshit band attitudes to enjoy it, but Heart Monster was just awesome.

Another thing, you listen to the music and you know that these guys are great musicians, but they don’t jerk off with three minute guitar solos. The live shows they played were fluid and the band was charismatic, it really is the only show I’d feel comfortable comparing to seeing Fugazi live. Only way less people were there.

And there’s the issue. Heart Monster just didn’t get the fanbase that they deserved. I don’t get it and I never will.

But here’s your opportunity to hear what you’ve been missing. They’ve continued the awesomeness by making their recordings available to all interested parties. Click here. Highly recommended.